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We Believe...

The key to energy efficiency lies in encouraging the adoption of market-ready technologies, whether it be through demonstration projects, incentive programs, early code adoption, pricing signals, or other forms of market transformation. We see ‘best practice’ as a point moving along a continuum – there is always room for improvement.

Understanding the way buildings operate allows us to help designers and policy makers make the best decisions for effective and efficient use of energy in and around those buildings. Our focus on the energy use in the building provides a perspective that is valuable to architects, engineers, utilities, and building owners

Data is most useful when it is collected systematically and comprehensively, then presented in a concise, visually pleasing way. There is great inherent value in the analysis of large sets of data, but users must have an easy way to sort the data, ask questions of it, learn from it and share it safely with others.

Our programs, products and services adhere to these key beliefs.

An Energy Consulting and Software Development Firm